Domestic Violence 

Safety and Justice for Domestic Victims

Your safety is our priority. At Farhan & Co, we provide compassionate and confidential support for domestic violence cases. Our expert lawyers ensure your legal rights are protected and work tirelessly to provide a safe environment. We help you navigate the legal system, ensuring justice and peace of mind.

Expert Lawyers

Specialised in domestic violence cases, protecting your rights.

Compassionate Support

Providing empathetic assistance for those facing domestic violence.

Confidential Service

Ensuring your privacy and safety throughout the legal process.
About us: Nowsheen Farhan

Safety is Your First Right in Society

  1. We help you understand and secure restraining orders, ensuring your safety and rights.
  1. Receive guidance on safety plans and legal measures to protect you.
  1. We guide you through reporting, legal documentation, and court proceedings with empathy and care.
  1. Get expert legal advice to protect your rights and maintain confidentiality during your case.
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