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Yes, it is possible to engage Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow for legal help and assistance with an Immigration case whilst you are abroad. Our Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow can provide required legal help and assistance using the modern means of communications including via Phone, Emails, Skype and WhatsApp, etc.  We often provide Immigration legal services to clients with UK visa entry clearance applications and entry clearance appeals. Our expert team of UK visa Solicitors can represent you in your application for UK visa entry clearance and carry out all the work on your application until a decision is made by the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) on your UK visa entry clearance application.


Whether you are inside the UK or outside the UK, you can engage Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow to help you challenge the refusal of your Immigration application. If your Immigration application has been refused by the Home Office UKVI and you believe the refusal is unlawful, you can scan and email your refusal letter to us on info@farhanlaw.co.uk and we can do free assessment of refusal decision.

As part of our Immigration services for your Immigration application, we will:
assess your eligibility by considering your personal circumstances in the light of the requirements of the Immigration Rules for you to succeed in your Immigration application;
advise you on the relevant documents to be submitted in support of your Immigration application;
assess all the documents to ensure that the documents you provide are good enough to meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules;
advise you on any weaknesses in your Immigration application and how you can overcome such weaknesses, if any;
complete the online Immigration application form, submit your application online and schedule your biometrics appointments with the Immigration application centre;
prepare a detailed cover letter in support of the Immigration application explaining in detail how you meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules for your application to be approved by the Home Office, UKVI;
upload all the supporting documents online in support of the Immigration application;
dealing with any enquiries received from the Home Office caseworker for any further documents or information in relation to your pending Immigration application;
doing all the follow up work on your Immigration application until a decision is received from the Home Office UKVI on your Immigration application.

Our specialist Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow can carry out all the casework on your Immigration matter remotely without the need for you to attend our office in Glasgow to provide instructions or evidence related to the Immigration case. You can scan and email all your supporting documents to our Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow. Alternatively, you can send a colour copy of your original documents to our Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow. We will discuss your Immigration case using the moderns means of communications including Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Phone, Emails etc.

As there are many Immigration Solicitors in Glasgow, it is difficult to judge which one is good to deal with your Immigration case. An Immigration Solicitor must be a qualified Solicitor regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. The knowledge and experience of the Immigration Solicitor is relevant in judging how good the Immigration Solicitor in Glasgow is to handle your case competently and diligently.   We have vast knowledge and experience of handling complex Immigration matters. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients.  We offer high quality Immigration services this is self-evident from the clients’ reviews about our exceptional Immigration services rendered.

Following are the main reasons why you should choose our Immigration Solicitors to deal with your Immigration matter:
fast, friendly, reliable and fixed fee UK visa and Immigration services for your Immigration matter;
specialist knowledge of UK visa and Immigration laws;
fixed fees for UK visa and Immigration cases with no hidden costs;
we are experienced Immigration Solicitors dealing with UK visa and Immigration matters;
honest and upfront UK visa and Immigration advice;
very high success rate and high quality UK visa and Immigration service as self-evident from reviews of our clients;
good track record of success in challenging Home Office refusal decisions;
very clear, transparent and thorough approach in achieving success in UK visa and Immigration matters;
providing remote UK Immigration services worldwide through modern means

If you proceed with an application with our Solicitors, they will continue working with you, assisting you through each step of your application. They will help you check, gather and organise your supporting evidence, filing it into a successful application portfolio. This will make your application less likely to be delayed or rejected, by providing the Home Office with a comprehensive bundle of documents in support of your case.
As a part of our services, your Solicitor will write a detailed Letter of Representation to support your application. This letter, which is built upon specific case-law, Immigration legislation and Home Office guidelines, will address the Home Office directly and discuss the merits of your case.
To avoid any inaccuracy which may jeopardise your case, your dedicated Solicitor will also complete and submit all your application forms and documents on your behalf. We will then continue to liaise with the Home Office until a result has been reached. Once a decision has been made, your Solicitor will inform you of it immediately.
Although only the UKVI has the authority to decide on each visa application and we cannot guarantee that your case will be successful, we can promise you that you and your family will always receive the highest quality of care, support and legal guidance from Farhan & Co Solicitors.

Legal Aid

We are able to provide legal aid to those who qualify.


We speak Punjabi and Urdu in-house and also have access to a large team of interpreters who speak various languages.


If you are unable to visit our office, then we may be able to assist with a consultation online – using Skype, FaceTime, or some other platform that suits.


Another of our main services is checking documents before they are submitted to the Home Office. Many of the visa routes require some type of documentary evidence and it is the supply of this evidence that will help support or cause the refusal of your application. It is vitally important that your paperwork is completely correct and the provided evidence for everything that is asked for by the home office is provided. They do not work in leniency and errors will be punished with an almost instant refusal. Please do not take any chances with your visa application, get in touch with us today and we will help to check your documents and make sure that the documentary evidence you’re providing is what is required for the visa.


If the worst case scenario has happened to you and your visa application has been refused do not panic. Another service that we offer is being able to support you at the appeal stage we can help to lodge an appeal for you and ensure that your appeal has the best chance of success by making sure you are well represented at tribunal if it is necessary. We have helped many customers such as yourselves come back from a refusal and get the visa that they applied for in the first place. Quite often having a qualified solicitor in your corner will help to iron out any errors that may have been made at submission or to help bring to light new facts that will assist your case. The judge at the tribunal is impartial and they have the power to overturn a rejected visa application


We are committed to processing your case as soon as you decide to hire one of our expert lawyers. Nevertheless, certain visa applications may be particularly time-sensitive and require you to submit your forms within a strict timeframe.

If you are worried about meeting a specific deadline, or if you wish to receive a response from the UKVI as soon as possible. 

One of our professionals will offer immediate support.  In other words, your case will become a top priority for our team, and we will ensure your application is processed in time to meet your deadline.


As specialist Immigration Solicitors in Scotland, we can provide high quality UK Immigration services for all stages and all types of UK visa and Immigration applications. Our top rated Immigration team can help you with all stages of your UK visa and Immigration applications starting from coming to the UK by applying for UK visa entry clearance, switching visas from one category to another from inside the UK, renewal or extension of your UK visa from inside the UK, applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), to becoming a British Citizen by applying for Naturalization as a British Citizen and applying for first British passport.  

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